Saturday, March 7, 2009

eBay is getting on my LAST NERVE!

Yep! eBay is getting on my LAST NERVE!

Let me tell you why.

I research the value of my items by doing a Google Search. When I see an item of interest and the seller happens to be on ebay, 8 out of 10 times it will state that the seller offers "Free Shipping" only to find out, after clicking on the link, that this is FALSE! Surely this is a sneaky ebay tatic to lure buyers in and toss the average seller out! I do not see this happening on the Big Box sellers items.

Here's what is being said in the Google Base Help Forums by ebay sellers:
Here's a quote from that messege
"Does Ebay even realize or care how bad they are hurting their own sellers reputations with their false free shipping???? "

And this ebay seller here is not a happy camper:

Way to go ebay! You must really and truly be STUPID! and you're getting on my LAST NERVE with this!

This is another great example of why I do not sell on ebay anymore! Why would any seller withstand this ebay abuse?

I sell on Bonanzle.

And I am selling the hell out of my items without ebay! Who needs them when you can have Bonanzle?



Anonymous said...

I keep hearing one or the other seller frustrated from eBay because they pulled their auction listing. It is very easy to violate an eBay listing guideline without knowing, the first you’ll learn about it is when you receive an email from eBay.

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