Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Bonanzle Find everything but the ordinary!

Bonanzle - Find everything but the ordinary.

This is a great site to sell if you're an ex eBay seller like I am. It is new and FUN! I have been selling for about 2 months and have sold about 52 items. Some sales have been from other sellers but a few have been unique users from Google Base search! My products are fed to Google & Oodle each day by Bonanzle!
Go Bonanzle Go!


Bonanzle I love it! eBay I hate it!

I've been selling on Bonanzle for a little over 2 months and it's been great. Bonanzle is a new selling site that went live in June 2008. We quickly have reached over 220,00 items and gaining more than 100 newly registered users a day, with well over 5500 registered user currently. I don't even think about eBay anymore. Ebay used to always be on my mind about how wrong they are with their new changes, their "disruptive inovation" crap!, about how many people that their screwed up changes has negatively affected, but now "POOF" eBay doesn"t hardly cross my mind!
Now how about that! from the eBay queen for over 8 years!