Sunday, September 7, 2008

WTF ebay?

With over 8 years of ebay selling and over 2000 positive customer feedbacks I have been forced to get off of the ebay sinking ship.

It's all about GREED!

It seems as ebay wants to be an oline Walmart that has zillions of new items dropped-shipped from China. That's how they think they'll make their most money. Gone will be the "mom & pop" seller. In will be PowerSellers with hundreds of thousands of the same items you can get anywhere and everywhere! What a shame!

Gone will be the unique one-of-a-kind collectible!
Gone will be the quality used item like clothes & shoes!
Gone will be the crazy cool widget that you didn't know you even wanted!
Gone will be the great deals that people sought out on ebay!

GONE! Over the next year, ebay will no longer be recognizable as we once knew it!

New management with this crazy idea called "disruptive innovation" has decided to f#ck it all up! WTF ebay? Why are you creating a hostile environment for sellers? Why are you intent to fix something that wasn't broke!


Greed has blinded ebay to the fact that these "mom & pop" sellers are the people who help build ebay. Many people have worked very hard to make ebay a great place to buy.
Many people rely solely or partly on ebay to survive. To pay bills, provide shelter, buy groceries, pay for healthcare & medications to stay alive. Many small sellers are struggling to feed their kids right now ebay! while you greedy bastards are drinking wine by your pools!
I hope your greedy ass chokes on the wine then you drown in the pool!

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